Brooklyn, NY – Performance Paradigm, the leading human-capital consultancy company, and iD8 Entertainment, an independent comic book publisher and IP generator powered by diverse creators, are thrilled to announce that the two companies are partnering for a unique ongoing collaboration developed to spark open conversations around the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion by leveraging a new comic book featuring transformative characters and stories.

Through this partnership, Performance Paradigm and iD8 Comics will launch Rise of the Allies, part of an innovative storytelling program designed to stimulate essential dialogue in some of the most respected corporations by utilizing comic books with impactful messaging. The original comic book will center on important sociopolitical themes to be explored with audiences around the globe. The comic book format was specifically chosen for the project since it is an influential and timeless medium—appealing to both younger and older generations. The comic book is co-written by esteemed editor and writer Joseph Illidge (MPLS Sound, Judge Kim and the Kids' Court) and founder and CEO of Performance Paradigm Reginald Butler, with illustrations by superstar artist ChrisCross (Xerø, Captain Marvel).

Rise of the Allies follows the superhero Chroma, who uses her powers to combat supernatural enemies responsible for psychic manipulation and nurturing microaggressions in the corporate workplace. Alongside Illidge, Butler and ChrisCross, the creative team includes colorist Walt Barna (Dark Blood) and letterer Saida Temofonte (DCeased, The X-Files). The comic book features a main cover by artists Yvel Guichet (Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero) and Wil Quintana (Green Lantern), with a variant cover by ChrisCross and Sebastian Cheng (Amazing Spider-Man).

"Our current society is polarized by extreme differences in perspective and lived experience. Stories matter! That’s why I’ve teamed up with iD8 Comics and their esteemed team of veterans from DC Comics and Marvel to leverage the undeniable power of comic books as a communicative art form to highlight the injustices and inequities that divide us," said Reginald Butler. "Through powerful original characters in our story, Rise of the Allies, we hope to activate the hero in all of us and show that progress is possible if we take a stand and do our part.”

"After being a guest on Performance Paradigm’s ‘R.I.C.H. Dialogues’ virtual series to discuss the groundbreaking partnership I architected between Marvel Comics and Def Jam Recordings during lockdown, Reggie challenged iD8 to identify an innovative, best-in-class solution that would spark critical conversations within some of the world's greatest companies, surrounding real topics typically difficult to initiate,” said Jonathan Rheingold, founder and CEO of iD8 Entertainment.

Rheingold continued: “With iD8 Comics and its legion of veteran comic book industry creators led by highly regarded storytellers Joseph Illidge and Darren Sanchez, and Performance Paradigm’s one-of-a-kind human-capital consultancy, it became apparent that creating original characters and producing impactful stories through the comic book medium would be the perfect vehicle to expand Performance Paradigm's mission. It’s a sophisticated way to provide their clients with custom storytelling solutions only this unique partnership could create."

“Utilizing my experience in publishing — from working on DC Comics’ Batman books to editing magazines for legendary publisher Heavy Metal — to craft the Rise of the Allies comic book has been really fulfilling,” said writer and editor Illidge. “I’m excited to take these fantastic ideas and characters into the real world and make an impact by challenging readers to unleash their own true superpowers of empathy, emotional intelligence and decisive action.”

The Rise of the Allies comic book will be available in print and digital formats to various businesses worldwide as the first phase of an innovative corporate program from iD8 Comics and Performance Paradigm in the first quarter of 2023. Two variant cover editions by acclaimed artist ChrisCross will be released to Performance Paradigm clients and employees globally.

About Performance Paradigm:

Performance Paradigm is a human-capital consultancy on a mission to improve organizational culture and workforce engagement, and to create experiences where mindset and performance intersect. Performance Paradigm believes that learning and behavioral change are most transformative and sustainable when disruption takes place. We specialize in niche curriculum design and delivery via immersive keynote experiences, live and virtual training experiences, workshops, executive coaching, and strategic consultation with a focus on justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. We do what we do because we believe that human connection and understanding is at the cornerstone of changing life and behavior.

About iD8 Entertainment:

iD8 Entertainment is a creator-driven entertainment platform powered by diverse talent. Led by Jonathan Rheingold, former Marvel VP of Custom Solutions, Head of Partnerships for Def Jam Recordings and a co-founder of legendary hip-hop publications XXL and RESPECT., iD8’s key mission is developing characters and stories that make deep emotional connections with consumers around the globe. iD8’s real-life stories and IP are created by a wide range of talent. Being true to our mantra, we believe comic books that tell stories about people and heroes of various backgrounds should be created by creatives of the same origin. iD8 Comics represents culture with respect, integrity and authenticity. What makes iD8 most unique is its ability to leverage partnerships with a wide array of talent from the entertainment industry to dream up and create one-of-a-kind characters and colorful stories. iD8, which is comprised of iD8 Comics and iD8 Studios, also provides global corporations with custom marketing solutions, enabling brands to engage with consumers like never before.


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